Demo Singer • The Key to a Great Song Demo

Improve Your Chances 100% with a Demo Singer

Coddy Collins Demo SingerThe music business is a tough business for a songwriter to break in to. It is very important to have a great vocalist for your demo. A demo singer can greatly improve your chances of getting your song/s heard and recorded.

Make a Good First Impression

The executives of record companies and others in the music business are hard to impress because of the level of talent they work with regularly. Its is extremely important your song demo make a great first impression by having a great vocalist in order for it to be heard by those in the industry. Even if you sing on a regular basis, it is best to hire a professional to sing on your demo.

Professional Demo Vocalists Can Sell a Song

Professional demo vocalists know how to sell a song. They know how to sing with just the right nuances and the right emotion to draw the audience in and make them want to buy what they are selling. If the product they are selling happens to be your song that is the result you want. This will give you confidence in the song you are pitching.

A great demo vocalist also referred to as a session singer understands the process of recording and will walk into the control booth ready to work. The process begins with the vocalist listening to the scratch vocal of the song and following the lyric sheet as they begin to learn it.

Usually the demo singer will make marks and other notations on the sheet in order to remember how they want to sing it once they go into the studio.

The vocalist may sing along with the scratch vocal to get a feel for the song and may ask the producer or songwriter about how they want the song interpreted. After hearing the song a few times, they are ready to go into the studio and begin working with the microphone and headset.

The engineer will begin adjusting the sound levels to suit the vocalist’s voice as the vocalist works on the song. The vocalist has probably never heard the song before but will know how to make your song sound the best that it can. Working with new songs is something the vocalist does often and recording is second nature.

Professional Vocalist and A Quality Song Demo

Musical cover Once the engineer has the sound set the way he wants, he starts recording and the vocalist begins to sing. The producer listens as the song is recorded and makes notes of changes and suggestions to give the vocalist when the first pass is finished. Because of the level of professionalism of the vocalist, there is often much that can be kept of this pass. The producer will make his suggestions and the engineer will start the song again to record a second time.

After this, the vocalist may only need to overdub a few phrases or lines to finish the lead vocal. Once those are done, your songwriter demo will have the professional sound that is needed to help sell your song.