We are a Nashville Recording Studio

It all Starts with Your Song!

Backwoods Recording Studio is a Nashville recording studio for songwriters and independent artists who are seeking the highest-quality recording services from acclaimed professionals with deep industry experience.

Novice to professional in need of quality and affordable music demos and finished CD projects makes Backwoods a great place to start!

“We specialize in Country, Acoustic, Americana, Folk, Bluegrass and Christian Music” projects for beginners, novice and professionals.

Music artist and songwriters from all over the country have sent us rough mixes on Cassettes, CD’s, MP3’s to structure, arrange and put the finishing touches of mixing and mastering. We employ professional studio musicians and Demo Singers; Male and Female from Nashville ensuring you receive the finest quality recording.

Basic Acoustic Demo - Songwriters demo or song demo
Fully Produced Songwriter Demo - Finished Song mixed and mastered
Song Chord Arrangement & Melody Help

Our Service and Commitment

“Our main focus is providing a personal touch to Songwriters and Artists helping you sound your best while maintaining your own personal style and delivering a product at a price you can afford.”

Our mission is to inspire the artist at every level to reach the dream of transforming their music into a professional sounding project. We take your creative ideas and produce it into a finished professional demo that you can use to pitch to artists, publishing companies or just sell it at your gigs or websites.

“Private, Professional, Comfortable Recording Studio”

Please visit Backwoods Recording Studio where soundproof rooms and live recordings take place every day. If you can’t travel to Nashville just send us your material and we will do the rest. If you do visit us you will find the experience in the studio on our 4 acre property, professional, private and comfortable.

Call us or email us today and lets discuss your goal and needs.

Thank you for trusting us with your music!

“Your Music Our Studio”

Owner and Producer

Clients will be able to take advantage of special Studio Partner Program bonus offers when you record with us & use Disc Makers for your CD’s



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