The Studio and Gear

Backwoods Recording Studio Nashville “Your Music Our Studio”

At Backwoods Recording Studio every project is equally important to us, whether it’s a one-time special song, full CD or karaoke. We know you want your creation to be the best it can be, and that is what we intend to achieve.

Backwoods Recording Studio 2005

The dream started right here! Backwoods Recording Studio in 2005 consisted of a small room in our home off the main dining room.

My goal was to eventually to have a professional recording studio where singer songwriters like myself could come record quality and affordable music demos and finished CD projects!

After 12 years and a lot of attention to detail we built a custom designed full production facility and opened the new Backwoods Recording Studio November 2017 !

Backwoods Recording Studio Gear

This is a list of our current gear however we have immediate access to any gear we need for a project.





Studio In House Instruments

  • 1-Larrivee Guitar D-03R;
  • 1-Taylor Guitar-214ce DLX
  • 1-Taylor Guitar -114ce
  • 1-Fender J Bass-4 String
  • 1-Ampeg -BA-108 -1×8 Bass Combo Amp


  • 1-Miktek C7 Large Diaphragm FET Condenser
  • 2-Miktek MK-300 Large Diaphragam Condenser
  • 1-CAD-EQUITEK -E-350 Condenser-Vintage
  • 1-Audio Technica-4033 -Cardioid Condenser
  • 2-AKG  Perception Mics-(matched pair)
  • 1-AKG-D-112-Kick drum mic
  • 2-Superlux Pencil Condenser mics-Matched Pair
  • 1-Superlux R-102 Active Phantom Powered Ribbon Mic
  • 1-Shure beta 56 Instrument mic
  • 4-Shure SM 57′s
  • 5-Shure SM 58′s
  • 2-EV- N/ D -468 Eggs Mic’s – for  percussion or instruments
  • 1-Shure Beta 52
  • 1-AKG CK47 High-Performance Shotgun Condenser
  • Note: (we have access to many other mics to cover any project that are not listed here)

Digital Plugins

  • Many professional lastest Plugins too many to list
  • Waves-Plugins Full Package
  • Hofa Plugins-NEW
  • Slate Plugins
  • Focusrite-Bundle
  • Cubase 6.5 & 7.5  great built  in plugins!
  • Vari Audio -Vocal tuning-in Cubase 6.5 & 7
  • EZDrummer 2 -2017 -Expansion Packs /Nashville EZX-Americana EZX-Latin
  • Vintage Classic Pack, Modern Vintage,Blues EZX Pack, Music City Pack, Traditional EZX.
  • many more all you need!


  • 2-Sony 7506
  • 2-Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Closed Back
  • 1-Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Closed-Back 
  • 18-Shure-SRH-240
  • 1-Direct Sound EX-29 for Vocal Tracking no bleed


  • CD Burning : Tascam RW-700, Hp 16x Drive 
  • Accutower 10 drive DVD/CD duplicator.
  • Epson CD printer R220-Direct Print to CD
  • HP LaserJet 1320 Laser Printer
  • Vintage Teac A-4010 SL -Reel to Reel 7 1/2 speeds transfers to CD- 7″ to 5″ reels teac A4010 logo




Reference Monitor’s & Tracking Monitoring

  • 1-Pair KRK Rokit 6-Active
  • 1-Pair Yamaha HS8-120W Powered Studio Monitors
  • 1-Presonus Central Station Plus-Monitoring Controller
  • 1-Steinberg CC121 Control Surface for Cubase
  • 4-Behringer Poweplay P16-M 16 Channel Digital ( Personal Mixers)-( with Mounts on stands)
  • 1-Behringer Powerplay P16-I 16-Channel Input Module-cat 6


  • Sony Soundforge  10-Pro
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