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Song Arrangement and MelodySome of the biggest obstacles when it comes to achieving a great song demo is perfecting the arrangement, melody, and tones of the song.

Song Arrangement is a service that we provide to help songwriters with the chord structure of their songs such as intros and ending. Instrument solos are also placed in the song.


  • 1st, if you don’t play an instrument, you can send us an acapella tape with singing only, and we can arrange the chords to go with your melody
  • 2nd, if you have chords to your song already, we offer help with the chord structure to make it flow better.

We will provide our professional advice that best fits the song, such as best tempo, arranging the chord structure, verse, chorus and bridge.  You may want to check out my latest article on Song Arrangement Tips – Key Ingredients To a Great Song.

Song Arrangement and Melody



$295.00 one time charge

Song Chord Arrangement and Melody Help
You may send a Cassette, MP3 or CD with singing only (without a musical instrument) or we can provide chord arrangement and melody.

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