Setting Up Home Studio - Tutorial and Training


Tutorial & Training Setting Up Home Studio with the Focusrite Scarlett USB 2i2 Interface and Installing and Using Cubase only.


Backwoods Recording Studio is now offering a special service for the Singer Songwriter & Musician looking to set up a home recording studio.

Setting up studio recording equipment and installing software can be overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming. We offer an affordable solution for beginners to help you set up a functional and efficient home recording studio. We’ve been recording professionally for years let us us help you get started.



1. Hardware and Software Requirements

        Simple Audio Interface we suggest below:




2. Setting up your Focusrite Hardware, Software and Cubase Pro 10 or any other version

  • Setting up audio
  • Setting up MIDI
  • Connecting interface to your PC
  • Optimizing audio performance on your PC

3. Recording and Playing Back Audio

  • Creating your first new project
  • Preparing to record
  • Tips to make it the best

4. Mixing

  • Opening the Mixer
  • Setting the level
  • Setting pan
  • Using Mute and Solo
  • Adding EQ to an audio channel
  • Adding audio effects & plugins

5. Exporting & Mix Down final Audio to a CD

This is a comprehensive (3) three hour tutorial that will get you setup and on your way to recording your songs professionally right in your own home studio! 

Cost $300.00 (one-time fee) Audio interface, or any other gear not included.

Additional training is also available @45 per hour

Contact Tony Ray at for more information or to setup an appointment.