Setting Up Home Studio - Tutorial and Training


Tutorial & Training Setting Up Home Studio with the Focusrite Scarlett USB 2i2 Interface and Installing and Using Cubase LE 6


Backwoods Recording Studio is now offering a special service for the Singer Songwriter & Musician looking to set up a home recording studio.

Setting up studio recording equipment and installing software can be overwhelming, frustrating and time consuming. We offer an affordable solution for beginners to help you set up a functional and efficient home recording studio. We’ve been recording professionally for years let us us help you get started.

1. Hardware and Software Requirements

2. Setting up your Focusrite Hardware, Software and Cubase LE6

  • Setting up audio
  • Setting up MIDI
  • Connecting interface to your PC
  • Optimizing audio performance on your PC

3. Recording and Playing Back Audio

  • Creating your first new project
  • Preparing to record
  • Tips to make it the best

4. Mixing

  • Opening the Mixer
  • Setting the level
  • Setting pan
  • Using Mute and Solo
  • Adding EQ to an audio channel
  • Adding audio effects & plugins

5. Exporting & Mix Down final Audio to a CD

This is a comprehensive (3) three hour tutorial that will get you setup and on your way to recording your songs professionally right in your own home studio! 

Cost $250.00 (one-time fee)

Additional training is also available @ 50 per hour

Contact Tony Ray at for more information or to setup an appointment.