Producing & Consulting Service


What is a Music Producer and what do they do?

If you would like to record in any other studio besides ours, or something we cant do here at our studio?

I can help you produce your song or project!

A music producer is someone who makes sure that when recording a song or making a record, the end result is as good as it can be by ensuring that a song is well produced and well recorded. It may mean giving the band or singer advice when it comes to certain aspects of their performance, also works close with the engineer during the session.

A music producer understands every aspect of studio production and is well-rounded when it comes to how instruments and voices produced. I as a Studio owner and Producer would oversee hiring the musicians for your song or project.

A producer’s skill is not directly tied to their technical knowledge of music, like playing an instrument or understanding how the technology works, though that is a huge help. Their main role is overseeing the entire production of a song or an album, from working with sound engineers, managers, songwriters and artists, and creating a cohesive environment where all parties can work together and produce an album that gets everyone excited. Most importantly, the producer oversees making a song sound the way he or she thinks it should sound to be competitive within its market.

Now that you understand what a Producer is and what they do, these are some of main aspects of what I do daily at Backwoods Studio.

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