Mixing Service for Your Project

If you need your raw tracks mixed; instruments, vocals or harmony then this professional mixing service is for you.

We use Cubase Pro 10 the lastest version for mixing.

The process begins by forwarding your audio project with separated tracks (vocals, guitar, beat track, bass, etc.) on CDR/CDRW or DVD and Wave files. Projects can also be sent as OMF (Open Media Framework), Pro Tools, Cubase 6.5 or 7 or  Pro 10.5 or whatever your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) happens to be.

  • 1 revisions to a completed mix.
  • We will mix your raw audio tracks adding effects such as compression, EQ, delay and reverb to each instrument or vocals.
  • We will send you an Mp3 and master WAV file of your project. We offer this service at no additional charge.
  • $65.00/Hour approx. 2-3 hours to mix 1 song depending on how many tracks. This is usually all the time that is required unless you want vocal tuning.

Note Extra Charges May Apply

  • It takes time to edit and mix, prices do not include elimination of unwanted audio within tracks, such as pops, loud breathes, talking, instrument and vocal noises before and after takes, etc. We ask you please clean up unwanted audio parts on tracks before sending it as it will help cut your cost for our engineers.
  • However if we are required to edit out unwanted audio extra charges will apply, depending on how many tracks and how much unwanted audio parts must be eliminated.

Calculate your Project Cost Hours by multiplying the number of projects x 2 hrs     Example: 5 projects (16 tracks) x 2 hrs/Project = 10 hours     Cost: 10 hours x $65.00 = $650.00