The Easiest Way to Add Drums to Your Tracks!

We love EZ Drummer here at Backwoods Studio…and yes we still use real live drummers all the time, but this is a great tool to use to get the groove then send to your drummer to play to or just use EZ Drummer by  itself!

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 builds on a decade of providing musicians, composers, and producers like you with the software you need to add realistic drums to your music. It’s three amazing tools in one: a phenomenal drum and percussion virtual instrument, an expansive library of MIDI grooves, and an environment that lets you combine these sounds and MIDI grooves to create perfect drum tracks for any style of music.

The amazing thing about EZdrummer 2 is that it lets you work the way that best fits your setup. For instance, you can generate complete drum tracks from a vast collection of templates right inside your DAW, arrange and manipulate individual grooves and fills in real time, or even connect your electronic drum kit and create your own grooves. An all-new audio engine makes EZdrummer 2 more expressive and realistic than ever, and a mix engine based on EZmix 2 lets you get the ideal sound to go with your drums. There are countless ways to put Toontrack EZdrummer 2 to use in your studio — just ask your Sweetwater Sales Engineer our friend Dustin Keesbury @dustin_keesbury@sweetwater.com tell him Backwoods Studio sent you!