Demo Singer to Your Song Track

cody_rt4The demo singer to your track service is for someone who has their own pre-recorded stereo track and needs a professional demo singer for a quality finished product. Just let us know the demo singer you prefer. You choose 1 of our Demo Singers to sing to your track. This includes the main vocal and ( 1 harmony part) if needed.

You are welcome and we encourage you to come to the studio to listen and have input on your song as the selected demo singer is recording it.

If its not an option for you to be on-site make sure you send instructions in detail of any notes for the producer and singer. Also contact us to make sure the singer you want is available and the key of your track works for the singer, so we can schedule your song before you pay.

The recording session is for the demo singer to record the vocals to your track.  If you need any lyric changes after the recording is complete a cost of $65.00 per hour will apply to re-record the new vocals.

We will send you a dry wav file of the vocal for you to mix  or we will mix it for you! Note prices subject to change depending on session singer.

Total Cost $200.00

We will mix your song for you @  $65  per hour

Mixing @ $65 per hour for additional mixes



Important terms and conditions with respect of copyright and use of a singers vocals.

Singers are work for hire through Backwoods Studio, vocals can only be used as a demo for pitching purposes (only) and not to be used as a song for sale on iTunes or any other music outlet without permission. An agreement can be worked out between the songwriter and artist you want on your song called: a (Buy Out.)
Singer nor Backwoods Studio will not take any royalties regarding your song, you have all rights for all your own material that is done at our studio.