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starSongwriter Critique

One of our most invaluable songwriter services is a Song Critique from a hit songwriter. Songwriters that are just beginning to pitch their songs to those in the music industry are often in need of a professional, such as a publisher or an established songwriter, to give an assessment of their work. This is called a song critique service and although there is normally a fee, it is well worth the cost. A paid expert will give feedback that is honest and help the songwriter to sharpen their songwriting skills.

max-t-barnes-studio5Aspiring songwriters who are serious about their career will be thrilled with our Songwriter Critique service. Max T. Barnes is no stranger to the music business and knows exactly what it takes to sell a song to those in the industry. 

Great songs are not written, great songs are rewritten.”



All you need is a rough demo of your song.  Max T. will spend time listening, evaluating it and provide the following:

  • Constructive criticism to help maximize your song’s potential. 
  • Suggestions needed to improve ; Tempo, Melody, Lyrics, Title and Idea
  • Rythmic pattern improvement before money is spent on a professional demo.

Our Songwriter Critique service will be invaluable to those who are determined to become a published songwriter. It could be the beginning of new doors opening and could make the difference in whether your song is picked up by a professional artist. 

“Taking advantage of this resource may be the best move you can make to further your career and move it to the next level.”

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starArtist Consultation

Struggling artists are often overwhelmed with questions relating to their music career and how to get the break they need. They question whether they should get a manager or booking agent. It is difficult at times to know what the next step is and what it will take to make the contacts needed to further their career.

If you are passionate about succeeding in the music business, our Artist Consultation service can help answer any questions you have. Max T. Barnes has many years of experience in the music industry. His knowledge of the music industry makes him an expert at career development.

He can give you the guidance you need to help make decisions concerning your career. Important topics covered such as:

  • Do you need a recording contract
  • How to get a recording contract
  • Do you need a booking agent, manager or publicist
  • Finding the right studio
  • Budgeting for your project and recording
  • Distributing the finished project

Our Artist Consultation service will help guide you in making the important decisions needed to develop your career. He cover’s every aspect of the music business from recording, songwriting, and publishing, to networking, contracts, and attorneys. Max can help with career planning, releasing your single, and management.

“If you are intent on being a success in the music industry, our service is perfect for you.”

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