Music Coaching – "Helping Others Grow and Succeed"

Music Coaching – Hands on Experience in Our Studio

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“The greatest success we’ll know is helping OTHERS grow and succeed” through music.

Music says things your heart can’t say in any other way. Schools tend to cut back on music, and the economy forces families to change their financial choices.

It is the children who miss the opportunity to discover their personal expression, creativity and God given talent. Music is the universal language and self-expression.







Coaching & Mentoring

In our music coaching program gives children hands-on experience in our studio either recording, engineering, singing, songwriting or playing a musical instrument.

Coaching is designed to help draw the very best out of each individual while helping them to achieve their best work. Mentoring is when we share from our own knowledge and experience to help each develop their God given talent.



Jalise Megchelsen- Singer songwriter from Marengo, Iowa very impressive young girl! We are working on arrangements for her songs.





Music is what feelings sound like!


Our new program is our way of giving back to the community. Children are our future and we don’t want see barriers keeping them from experiencing something as simple as creating music or understanding the process of basic technology.  Anyone can turn on a radio but the magic is their personal contribution.

The Dix Kids from De Soto, Missouri @ BWS-Adam, Jacob, Kevin, Ryan, We enjoyed recording with these very talented kids!


How does music help?

* Develop’s children’s language skills
* Develop’s children’s self- esteem
* Develop’s children’s listening skills
* Develop’s math skills
* Stimulate’s children’s brain connections
* A great way to teach and help children with special needs

This is a service  for Kids 10 years and younger and is our way of giving back and sowing a seed within our community. Contact us for Coaching & Mentoring information, rates and scheduling.