Edwards LE-10 Tube Microphone Preamp

Edwards LE 10 Mono Mic Preamp

Backwoods Recording Studio is Proud to Represent Edwards LE-10 Tube Microphone Preamp

Edwards LE-10 Tube Microphone PreampI’m very excited about being a rep and user of the Edwards LE-10 vacuum tube microphone preamp from Edwards Audio Research.

I have known Paul Edwards for 3 years now, I first met him at Randy Kohrs Studio where he was demoing both of his preamps.

I love the fact that they are built in the USA and the detail he puts into making these one of a kind of mic pre. It takes about 4 weeks to make one including testing before they tested and shipped.

I used the LE-10 for the first time on vocals using my Miktek c7, Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Mic and it was awesome to say the least!  I found to my delight the preamp delivered incredible gain, non-coloring of the vocals and a very clean warm sound.

An increase in the gain didn’t degrade the sound or add any noise or artifacts while keeping the recorded signal as close to what the microphone “heard” in the room.

That’s what the Edwards LE-10 does and it’s a welcome addition to our studio!

Want to know more about the LE-10 & the LE-10 Stereo preamp visit: Edwards Audio Research website. Click Here…..

Tony Ray Jones