You can contact us in a number of ways to book the studio for a recording project or just get more details about your individual needs.

We would love to take a few minutes and talk with you about your song and what you want to accomplish. We welcome and cater to all levels of artist, musicians and songwriters. If your new to the recording process or never been in a studio we will be happy to give you some insight about what to expect.

If your calling after business -hours 6pm, Central Time, please leave us a message and we will get back to you the next business day.


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Studio Projects Contact
Voice or Text: Tony Ray Jones
email: Tony Ray Jones
Skype: backwoodsstudio




If you have any questions regarding appointments, billing, pricing and/or our Coaching & Mentoring Program, please contact Patty below:

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Executive Administrative 
Voice or Text: Patty Jones
email: Patty Jones