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Co-Writing Songs in Nashville – The Co-Writing Captial

Co-Writing Songs – Practical Guidelines for Collaborative Songwriting

Tammy Vice Songwriter ArtistFeaturing Special Guest: Tammy Vice
Singer • Songwriter from Nashville, TN

In this session of the Backwoods Recording Studio Podcast Tammy Vice shares her experience and insights co writing songs in Nashville, Tennessee, the co-writing capital of the world .

As a successful songwriter and artist. Tammy has co-authored many successful songs with co-writers.

You can find out more about Tammy and her songwriting career at

More specifically, in this session with Tammy she reveals her best tips and insight into successful song writing with a Co-Writer.

1. Always try to write with songwriters who are as good as or be...

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How to Be a Songwriter – Tips for Writing Better Songs

How To Be a Songwriter – Ideas for Writing Better Songs

You write when you feel joy, hoping others will share in it.  You write about the pain when you are rejected.  You observe something that moves you and you write.  You don’t write just for the pay or the recognition.  Although you aren’t against those things, not getting them doesn’t stop you from writing.

How to Be a Songwriter and Be Successful

You write because you feel you have something to say, even when there is no one listening.  What makes a songwriter?  Writing and re-writing is what it takes to be a song writer and write better songs.

Tammy Vice Songwriter ArtistDevelop Relationships with Other Songwriters

If you are writing for your own personal satisfaction, and you’re happy with your work, congratulations!  You’ve arrived!

However, if you ...

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