Studio Policy



Backwoods Recording Studio Policy

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our studio policy. A clear understanding of the policy will reduce confusion later on.


Payment in full is required upon completion of each session. No product (CD-MP3’S, Flash drives etc.) will be turned over until full payment is made. Payment may be made by cash, personal or company check, money order, or PayPal. There is a $35 fee for returned checks.

Booking and Cancellation

A nonrefundable out of town deposit of 50% of the project cost shall be required to confirm all bookings. Cancellation with  1 week’ notice shall result in payment in full due for all types of recording sessions.As we book all projects in advance.

No further sessions shall be booked, and no materials will be released until payment for cancellation is made in full. If your deposit is not received within 48 hours of booking your session time, your time may be forfeited to another client. A session begins at the time the client booked it for, whether they are present or not, and continues until the recording has ceased.


We do not issue refunds after a recording session has been performed and or mp3’s or wav files have been delivered. We make every effort to work with you to deliver the product you expect and want.


Our studio rate is $50.00 an hour, including engineer. There is a minimum booking time of 2 hours. Onsite hard drive storage is free at the present time or most of the time the client will put the session on a flash drive to take with them after the last recording session.

Studio Time Set Up

You may move-in and start setting up prior to your scheduled start time. Please be mindful that billing begins as soon as the engineer starts working with you in any capacity.

Start Time

All sessions are expected to begin on time. Please understand that we will bill clients from the beginning of their scheduled time regardless of what time that they arrive.Unless of an emergency.

Ending Time

Since we understand that sessions sometimes run over, depending on what type of project you have requested. Time and schedules can always be worked out to finish your project.

Final Mixes & Masters

You will own the Mix Masters of your project, we will  provide 2 mixes on CD. Mp3 included in any package, any mixes after that will be a charge of $50.00 an hour minimum to re-mix and  5.00 per extra CD.

Surrender of Production Materials

We will provide a written document from Backwoods Studio,for you to sign stating we have given you all your production materials.

Drugs and Alcohol

We reserve the right to deny access to our premises and our equipment to those clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Thank you for reviewing our studio policy. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please visit our Studio Rates and Services page for more detailed information about what we can do for you.

As a private company we reserve the right to choose to or not to work with any parties we desire.


Updated : Feb 2020